Public Defender of Marion County

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The overall mission of the Public Defender of Marion County is to provide high quality, cost effective criminal defense to persons who qualify for our services while maintaining the confidence of the clients that they are receiving zealous and proficient legal representation.


Public Defender of Marion County, Inc.  envisions a model advocacy program for the poor where clients value our services because of our reputation for:

  1. Treating each and every case with concern, compassion and commitment;

  2. Guaranteeing due process for all through zealous advocacy;

  3. Championing the constitutional rights of the accused and challenging the state to meet its burden of proof in each and every case and situation.

PDMC strives to prevent injustice and to protect the rights of individuals. We provide the highest level of criminal legal representation and fully serve all indigent people who need our services.

PDMC strives to provide a work environment that is supportive, fosters individual and professional growth, promotes excellence and accountability, values diversity and innovation, reflects fairness and ethical decision making, and creates an atmosphere of trust, respect, and teamwork.

PDMC is a sentinel for the accused person, protecting him or her from the power of the state.


Public Defender of Marion County, Inc.

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