About Us

The Public Defender of Marion County Office began taking cases on July 2, 2007 with two attorneys and two office staff.  In a short period of time the PDMC has increased in size and has become a strength and fixture in Marion County public defense.

The PDMC contracts with the state to take indigent defendants in criminal cases.  The PDMC is not a state agency.  It is a non-profit law firm for the benefit of the clients.  The PDMC is not subject to the state political ebbs and flows that could influence how the PDMC defends its clients.

The Public Defender of Marion County, Inc. (PDMC) is governed by a seven member board of trustees who hire and supervise the executive director as well as oversee long range policies.  The board is comprised of a person selected by the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court, a person selected by the President of the Oregon State Bar, and a person selected by the Marion County Board of Commissioners.  Those three people then nominate and elect the remaining four members.